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Capital Campaign Update Fall 2016

Launched in 2012, Villa's hope moves forward capital campaign has seen great momentum; momentum created by our first $1 million gift from the Ayrshire Foundation, followed by a $1 million gift from Wells Fargo Foundation and now a very generous gift by The Ahmanson Foundation. These gifts and those by the leadership, families and the community have catapulted Villa to new heights.

Villa is proud to be upgrading our physical campus to match the quality of services we provide. There have been many accomplishments the past two years helping us to achieve this goal.

  • Villa's Master Facilities Plan was unanimously approved by the Pasadena City Council.
  • Villa purchased and renovated a new building for our Dimensions Adult Day Program. The program began in the new location January 20, 2016. The formal Grand Opening was held on February 25.
  • Construction on the Villa Esperanza School will begin in Spring 2017.
  • We have secured $8 million of our $9 million Phase 1 goal - 90%!

We thank each of our gracious donors for helping move this project forward.

Capital Campaign Overview

With the excitement that our founders must have felt 55 years ago on the day they opened the doors of the Villa Esperanza School, the vision of Villa’s vibrant new campus and facilities is moving forward towards reality. During the past year, the time and talents of many individuals have been devoted to planning and embarking on a capital campaign to raise the $9 million needed to complete the first phase of Villa’s master plan. The project will include building a new school to replace the current one and purchasing a permanent home for the Dimensions Adult Day Program.

The words most often associated with Villa reflect praise and admiration for the work we do and cite our effectiveness and leadership in the services we deliver. When it came to our aging facilities, the kindest descriptions were “endearing” and “eclectic.” While our campus is well maintained, the mix of old, repurposed buildings represents an earlier era in the history of the developmentally disabled. In the words of Jim McDermott who is the Capital Campaign Co-Chair along with his wife, Cynthia Kurtz, “Our new facilities will be functional and flexible to represent who we are today: open, soaring, light-filled and modern.”

The concept that our clients and our staff were deserving of a far better environment became the catalyst for action on the part of two very generous foundations. Leading the charge, the Ayrshire Foundation which is dedicated to “creating opportunities and improving the lives of others,” pledged the first $1 million gift. They were quickly joined by the Wells Fargo Foundation who also made a $1 million dollar pledge. Jonathan Weedman, head of Wells Fargo Foundation in Los Angeles stated that the gift to our capital campaign is a response to the “urgent need to renovate the school facilities.” Lisa Stevens, Wells Fargo Pacific Midwest Bank Executive added that the two lead gifts “convey the passion and the confidence that everyone in this community has for what Villa has done for over half a century and continues to do.”

Villa is very appreciative of our 21 year partnership with Wells which includes the many executives who have served on Villa’s Board since 1993 including current board member Rich Byrd, who is serving on our Capital Campaign Cabinet, and former board member Joe DeFur. “Wells Fargo’s consistency of support is directly linked to the positive impression made by Villa,” explained Tim Hanlon who is President of the Wells Fargo Foundation as well as a member of our Capital Campaign Honorary Committee. “We have been endlessly impressed with their focus, energy and commitment” added David DiCristofaro, Wells Fargo Greater Los Angeles President. “Wells Fargo is aware that rates of certain mental disabilities such as autism are on the rise, and Villa’s services grow even more imperative to the success of our community.”

Villa Esperanza Services is proud and grateful to be supported by Ayrshire, Wells Fargo, Pasadena Community Foundation, Villa’s Board members and many other philanthropic individuals who have already pledged to help underwrite the campaign. Their generous gifts have provided the means and the momentum for Hope to Move Forward.

For more information about donating to Villa's Capital Campaign, please contact
Gioia Pastre, Vice President of Development and Public Relations, at (626)449-2919, ext. 118.

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