Villa prides itself on our fiscal acheivements and responsibility. We appreciate the efforts of the Board of Directors and Villa Senior Leadership Team for leading Villa into the future. Our success is also attributed to our donors, thank you to each of them.

Below are our audited financial statements. If you have any questions please contact Gioia Pastre, Vice President of Development and Public Relations, at (626) 449-2919, ext. 118.

Audited Financial Statements
Audited Financials 2016-2017 Audited Financials 2015-2016 Audited Financials 2014-2015 Audited Financials 2013-2014
Audited Financials 2012-2013


Each year, a satisfaction survey is sent out to Villa's stakeholders. This process helps Villa to strengthen our organziation and ensure that we are providing effective and high quality services.

Satisfaction Survey Results
  2014 2015 2016
Client 96% 97% 96%
Family or Caregiver 88% 88% 88%
Staff 86% 80% 82%
Community Partner 88% 87% 79%
OVERALL TOTAL 90% 88% 86%

We encourage you to be an informed donor. Information about Villa can be found at these sites:,