Villa Esperanza also offers Music Therapy as a specialized service within our Speech and Language Center. Music Therapy is an established health profession where music is provided as a powerful and non-threatening medium, through which unique outcomes are possible. Music Therapy in special education provides a unique variety of music experiences in an intentional and developmentally appropriate manner to effect changes in a student’s behavior and facilitate development of communication, social/emotional, sensory-motor, and/or cognitive skills. In addition to building functional and adaptive skills, Music Therapy employs nonverbal interactions to enhance quality of life and build relationships; between a qualified therapist and student; between one student and another; between student and education staff; and between the music and the participants.

Music therapy at Villa is funded by generous grants from the San Marino Woman's Club, Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts, and the Gary Schick and Mary Irving Fund via RSF Social Finance.

Check out this video of how musical action routines can help our students:


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