Middle School (11-14 years old)
Students are instructed in communication, daily living and functional academic skills necessary to enhance independence. This safe, nurturing environment allows the school experience to be both positive and gratifying.

Intermediate Academic Class serves children whose IEP reflects an academically oriented curriculum as well as the development of life skills. Curriculum emphasizes the development of language and math skills in practical situations and as related to ongoing projects. Emphasis is on developing the functional and cognitive abilities needed to maximize a child’s independence and participation in their current and future natural environments. Language, numerical and reading instruction are focused on maximizing the child’s opportunities to employ the concepts they learn in school at home and in the community.

Intermediate Life Skills Class serves children whose Individualized Education Plan (IEP) specifies a focus on life skills. Academic skills will be addressed on an individual basis as specified in each child’s IEP. This classroom provides a highly structured and specialized setting for children with intensive language, social and behavior needs consistent with autism and similar disorders.

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