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Villa donors Jim McDermott and Cynthia Kurtz share in their own words why they are long time supporters of Villa.
Jim and Cynthia in their namesake Villa School retreat garden.
Cynthia and I have been supporters of Villa Esperanza for over twenty years. Sometimes, we are asked if we have a developmentally disabled child. We reply “No.” It is an answer that often draws surprise and spurs another question we often hear: “Why do you support Villa?”

The answer is simple yet perhaps surprising for some; especially for people who may not know a developmentally disabled person or a family with a developmentally disabled child or sibling. We support Villa Esperanza Services and its clients, their families, and the wonderful staff because we receive so much more in return.

To see the joy in the faces of our students as they proudly show off their new school facilities; to see the pride in our adult clients as they talk about their small group homes that look just as nice as any other home in their neighborhood; to see the excitement and love in the faces of parents who, after being told by “experts” it might never happen, witness their child bloom as an individual; and to meet and talk and share and realize that our developmentally disabled friends have personalities and experiences and perspectives that add immeasurably to the fulfillment of our lives. Well, that is a lot to receive! If you would like to receive more in your life, please support Villa Esperanza Services!

Every donation, large or small, makes a difference.

Villa’s Tax ID #: 95-2148860

Villa has been providing quality programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities for over 55 years. It is with the much needed financial support from our friends that we continue our successes. Your support ensures that we continue to meet our mission of providing Love, Care and Hope for individuals with disabilities and their families. We thank you for your continued support and friendship.

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