Thank you so much for supporting Villa's 2024 Gala! We are grateful for your generosity. This year, we are using the same online platform as last year for the event, but we know we'll have some new guests joining this year! Please read on to learn more about the ticketing process.

So long as you have RSVP’d with us and given us your meal choice, you are set! You can arrive at the event and we will check you in.

However, our new online platform does require electronic “tickets” to be emailed to everyone attending. You can use these or not at your own discretion – they will help expedite your check-in and allow you to manage your guest information. If you do want to use the electronic tickets, here's what to expect.

For Individual Tickets:
  • You will receive an email with a link for your tickets.
  • This email link allows you to register for the event. You will be prompted to create an account or login to your previous account, which you will need to bid on the silent auction.
    • Accounts are tied to email addresses, so be sure to use an email address you can access.
    • Please make sure to put a valid phone number so you can receive auction and event updates!
  • Once your account is created, you can manage your ticket(s) by putting in your (or your guest’s) information.
  • If you made your reservation on our previous online system or via mail, we will be sending these ticket emails as we receive them (within a week or so). We also will have inputted your meal choice already.
  • You can also opt for "Express Check In" and receive a QR code that can be scanned quickly at the event, but this is not necessary to check in at the event.
For Sponsors:
  • There will be one ticket manager for each sponsorship and they will receive an email to manage tickets for their group.
  • This person will manage all the tickets for the group and can assign/email tickets to each guest/attendee at their table.
  • All other steps should be the same as for individual tickets, above.
  • If you made a sponsorship via mail or phone, we will be sending these sponsorship ticket emails as we receive them (within a week or so).
  • We can also enter in your guests manually as well, so rest assured, if you want to just send us a list of guest names with meal choices, we can do that too!
You just need to register for an account and you can start bidding on the silent auction or donate. The silent auction closes at 7:45pm PDT on Saturday, April 27. Please note that we will mail gift certificates, but we will not ship large items, so you will need to come pick up your item at the Villa offices in Pasadena after the event if you win.

Thank you again for your support! We have a list of FAQs below, but if you have any additional questions regarding tickets, please contact Jenny Seto, Philanthropy Officer, at or (626) 449-2919, Ext. 168.
Q: Do I need these electronic tickets in order to get into the event?
A: No! If you don't want to manage your tickets electronically, that’s completely fine. So long as we have your RSVP, we will be happy to check you in at the event in person.

Q: I can't do this tech stuff! What's the bottom line?
A: If you have RSVP'd to us and given us your meal choice, you can just show up at the event and we'll check you in no problem! If you'd like to bid on the silent auction, you will need a smartphone and you will need to create an account to bid and enter your credit card information to place a bid. But our wine raffle, live auction, and paddle raise do not require any tech.

Q: I had a last-minute guest change. Can I edit the name?
A: Yes! If you are the ticket manager, you will be able to update the guest names up until the event starts.

Q: I sent in my reservation via mail or a previous online system, is my meal choice saved?
A: Yes, your meal choice is saved and safe with us.

Q: This is all so confusing! Help!
A: We’re here to help! Contact Jenny Seto, Philanthropy Officer at (626) 449-2919 Ext. 168 or

Thank you for your understanding! If you need more event information, please click here to visit

2116 E. Villa Street, Pasadena, CA 91107 Tax ID#: 95-2148860 Questions? Contact: Jenny Seto at or ‪(626) 449-2919, Ext. 168.