Villa Esperanza Services Dimensions Day Program is designed to provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities opportunities to become active members of their community. Individuals learn independence and workrelated skills through regularly scheduled volunteer work, community projects and other educational programs.

As a person centered community services program, Dimensions engages participants based on their abilities and interests in experiences, such as:

• Volunteering
• Attending community classes and events
• Creation and upkeep of gardens
• Literature classes
• Excercise classes
• Computer training
• Job training
• Cultural arts programs

Villa’s program is designed to help each person reach their greatest potential in all areas of their life and to be successful in their community.

Villa Esperanza Services is a non-profit organization with contracted services with regional centers. Private-pay options are also available.

For more information about the Dimensions Day Program,
please call (626) 346-9109 or e-mail Michelle Hussen, Director of Dimensions.

Dimensions Day Program: * Phone: (626) 346-9109 * Fax: (626) 346-9118