Villa's School offers an educational program serving students from 5-22 years old (elementary, middle and high school classes) who have special needs associated with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

Villa believes in:

• An individualized approach to education
• Using positive behavior support to maximize each child’s educational experience
• Creating a supportive and educational environment for family members and caregivers
• On-going staff development to incorporate current educational and behavioral teaching strategies
• Teaching communication as the cornerstone for educational and social growth.

Individualized Educational Programs (IEP) outline each child’s specific goals with a comprehensive approach to education, consisting of collaborations between all services including:

Speech & Language Therapy (Located at 2088 E. Villa Street, Pasadena, CA 91107)
Occupational Therapy
• Behavior Intervention
• Music, Recreational & Art Therapists

Classrooms: All classrooms maintain a minimum of a 1 to 3 staff to child ratio. One-on-one assistance is provided to children for whom such help is IEP mandated. All education programs follow the state adopted standards, striving to provide children with the skills they need to be successful.
Our best practices include:

• SEACO – Curriculum Guide
• Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
• Augmentative Technology
• TEACCH Strategies
• Visual supports including social stories
• Positive Behavior Support
• Naturalistic Teaching Strategies
• Community-based instruction
• Provisions of sensory integration

Classrooms have been designed and developed with our children’s needs in mind. Placement criteria includes: age, strengths, present levels of performance, and behavioral challenges.

Transition Class: Our transition high school classroom serves teens and young adults ages 15 – 22 whose IEP reflects a functional academic, vocational, and life skills driven curriculum. The classroom emphasis is placed on developing necessary functional academic, vocational, social, behavioral, and community skills to gain employment and transition into adult life. Some example activities include mobility in the workplace and community, practicing specific vocational skills, and applying functional academic skills. Individual priority skill areas are identified through the Individual Transition Plan, the Individualized Education Program, assessment, and interest surveys. These areas are then addressed in the classroom through on-site, in-class, and community instruction and activities.

More Information:
As a non-public school (NPS), funding is contracted with school districts and regional centers through the Individual Education plan (IEP) process. Private pay options are also available.

To view more detailed information about the Villa School, you can look at our Executive Summary School Accountability Report Card from 2016-17.

If you are interested in touring, enrolling, or receiving more information, please call (626)449-2919 ext. 117
or e-mail Casey Gregg, Vice President of Children & Youth Programs.

Villa School: 2116 East Villa Street, Pasadena, CA 91107 * Phone: 626-449-2919 * Fax: 626-449-2850