Villa Esperanza Services offers both School Based and Clinic Based Occupational Therapy (OT) services including: assessments, classroom and clinic-based treatment and consultations for children between the ages of 4-22. We accept outside referrals for private pay clients and accept Kaiser Insurance.

Occupational therapists have a broad educational background including strong neurological, biomechanical, and psychological foundations. OT provides assistance in developing sensory motor, fine motor and gross motor, visual motor and sensory processing skills needed to be successful at home, school, and in the community.

The Occupational Therapy Clinic at Villa specializes in working with children who have moderate to severe developmental disabilities, including Autism, as well as children with dual diagnoses, behavioral challenges, and mental health concerns.

We offer a variety of specialized programs and therapeutic strategies including:

  • Sensory Integration Based Therapy
  • Modification and Adaptation Strategies
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Transition Preparation
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Zones Program for emotional regulation
  • Sensory Diets with recommendations for home use
As well as leading school-wide initiatives including:
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with behaviorists, speech and language pathologists, and classroom teachers
  • Modified classroom environments to support students with sensory differences
  • Integrated school-wide Handwriting without Tears curriculum
  • Medication-tracking and education for staff

Villa’s OT clinic provides school-based services utilizing both pull-out and push-in models. When possible, we provide therapy in a group setting to encourage peer-to-peer interaction. Past groups have included:

  • Girls Group: Middle school girls address body awareness, fine motor, and motor planning goals while doing make-up and hair, painting nails, taking pictures, and developing a dance routine.
  • Boy’s Self-care Group: Highs school aged boys practice skills necessary for independence in supportive living including putting on deodorant or brushing teeth.
  • Field Games: Elementary and middle school students engage in gross motor, sequencing, and sensory rich outdoor activities with a partner, including three legged races, egg on spoon relay, and water balloon toss
  • Outdoor Sensory Play: Lower functioning students work 1:1 with aids or therapists to engage in sensory play with water, rice, dirt and mud, sidewalk chalk, finger paint and more.
  • Sports Group: Middle school and high school boys develop coordination and strength, and practice emotional regulation skills while learning to play basketball. They learn to work together and play on a team.
  • Exercise Group: Lower functioning high school boys build strength and coordination through a weekly work-out group with their peers.
OT plays a significant role in helping children with Autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities to experience success in school settings. We target fine motor skills to improve writing, in-hand manipulation, bilateral motor coordination and self-care. We address sensory processing skills to improve motor planning, self-regulation, sensory modulation and sensory discrimination. We also work to improve deficits in visual motor, oral motor, and social skills, as well as support normal growth and development. In OT sessions we use fun and purposeful activities to help children access their role of “student” in the “occupations” of play and learning.

Villa Esperanza Services is a non-public school (NPS) with contracted services with school districts.
We accept Kaiser Insurance.
Private-pay options are also available.

We rely on grants and generous donations both large and small to support our diverse range of programs. Click here to see a list of items we currently need for our clinic, or contact us for further information on how you can support the work of the OT clinic.

Villa's Occupational Therapy Team:

Director of Occupational Therapy: Amy Jensen, MA, OTR/L

Rebekka Manzella, MS, OTR/L

Laurie McEnery, MA, COTA/L

Leceny Buendia, COTA/L

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For more information about Occupational Therapy at Villa, please call the Occupational Therapy Clinic at (626)449-2919, ext. 170.

Occupational Therapy Clinic: 2116 East Villa Street, Pasadena, CA 91107 * Phone: 626-449-2919, ext. 170 * Fax: 626-449-2850