"Today I have received a copy of the Villa Voice newsletter with a picture of my daughter in the front page doing some work at the Food Bank. I wish I could describe to you the joy that I and my wife felt by seeing our daughter Clorinda productively engaged in a task which helped other people. Our dreams and hopes have always been to see our daughter live the most productive life that she can. Now thanks to Villa, something of a miracle is happening."
—Felice and Liliana Anselmo, Villa Parents
"When I was first introduced to Villa I was inexperienced with the needs and resources related to development disabilities. But I came through the door and saw the mission living and breathing amongst our clients and incredibly dedicated and talented staff. In joining the board, I find myself volunteering for a family that is exemplary in their commitment, values and business practices."
—Tom Coston, Villa Esperanza Services Board Member
"Tye’s award is a shining example of what one can achieve if given an opportunity!”
—Robert Efford, Director of Employment & Transition Services about Tye Horn’s Employee of the Month award from Home Depot
“When you ask, ‘what does Villa Esperanza mean to you?’ You get a variety of wonderful answers. It’s a loving, caring environment; it’s a place to learn how to be independent; Villa is a home to go to at night, and a place where friends gather. Villa is where anxieties about the future are put to rest and hopes are realized.”
—Colleen Williams, co-anchor of NBC Channel 4 News at Blue & White

“She was extremely helpful and worked diligently. She was truly was a joy to have around and we all miss her.”

—Audrey Langston, Amadeus Spa & Salon of one of our school participants in the Career Exploration Program who volunteered at Amadeus Spa

"Tyler is growing by leaps and bounds, he is now doing what his peers are doing, like noticing that homework brings rewards and that is a huge step to academic and social acceptance. As a parent of a child with autism my family and I are so grateful to be able to participate in school activities like other parents of normal developing children. The love and acceptance from the staff at Villa is much appreciated. To know that we have a network of people who actually care and that means so much that we can never repay the kindness shown to our kids."

—Denise Sparks, Parent and Villa Board Member about Villa’s School

"Our experiences with Villa have been positive. The workers are enthusiastic, courteous and well supervised. We are looking forward to another great year with Villa.”
—John R. Mundy, General Manager, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) about Villa’s landscaping crew
"Villa helped train me to work at Pacific Theatres where I have worked for 2 years. I love Villa because my friends are here and the people here are just like my family."
—Jackie Stone, Villa Resident & Employment Services Participant
"I drive by Villa three days a week during the time students and clients are disembarking buses and vans, I am impressed by what I observe. At times students or adults can be very trying but what I see is your endeavor to redirect and keep them safe. I applaud you and say 'thank you.'

Villa is probably one of the greatest assets the City of Pasadena has to offer. There are few facilities that accommodate such a varied group of individuals. All of you are to be commended for your dedication to children and adults helping to make their lives productive with you tender loving care."
—Irene Albeck, Villa Parent
“When we were blessed with a Down syndrome child, Villa gave us Love when we needed it, Hope when we didn’t have it and they are still Caring.”
—Irene Albeck, Villa Parent