Villa Esperanza Services assists adults with developmental disabilities to secure and maintain paid employment in the community. Villa offers job
development, ongoing job coaching and advocacy.

Why hire a Villa Esperanza Services Candidate?

  • Significantly improves your bottom line. With the effect of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, your staffing costs decrease as low as $4.50 per hour. Villa’s professional staff will assist you with your tax credit application and paperwork, ensuring that forms are filled out correctly and filed on time to qualify your business for this important tax benefit.

  • Professional supervision provided by Villa’s job coach – at no cost to the employer. Villa provides a job coach to support the employee, ensuring the job is done well and on time.

  • Increases entry level retention by 30%. The Department of Labor has shown that employees with disabilities stay employed 30% longer than the average general population.

  • Visible increase in corporate citizenship profile. By hiring a disabled individual, you immediately begin to increase your business image in the community while getting a great qualified and motivated employee.

  • Member of Villa Esperanza Services “Partners in Support Network.” Villa promotes our employment partners to our “greater Villa
    Esperanza family.”

  • Opportunity to bring someone on staff who can inspire not only you and your customers, but also your staff when they witness our client’s ability and sheer determination.

Additional ways we provide quality business friendly solutions for your employment needs:

  • Trial periods available
  • Marketing your business on our website and newsletter
  • Flexibility
  • Beginning and ending work as needed
  • With our supported group employment, Villa pays worker’s compensation
  • Providing month to month contracts
  • Monthly billing
  • Willingness to adapt the job to your specifications
  • Job coaches to ensure smooth operations
  • Partnership and collaboration with you to grow your business
  • Low turnover and high quality employees

Let us help you with your employment needs in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties!

For more information about employment services
in the San Gabriel Valley:
Please contact: Michael Greene, Director of Employment Services at (626) 449-2919 ext. 161.

Employment Services Pasadena (Main Office)
2060 East Villa Street, Pasadena, CA 91107
Phone: (626)449-2919, ext. 161
Fax: (626)449-2850

For more information about employment services
in Ventura County and West San Fernando Valley:
Please call Melissa Garza, Manager of Employment Services and CIP - West Region at (805) 446-1939, ext. 112.

Employment Services West Region (West Region Office)
80 East Hillcrest Drive, Suite 206, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Phone: (805)446-1939
Fax: (805)446-1959