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Dear Family and Friends,

At Villa, we see the potential in ALL individuals with special needs - the potential to achieve goals, live fulfilling lives and embrace a sense of belonging and acceptance by the community. This vision propels us to grow program opportunities for a diverse population, view challenges with creativity and ingenuity, advocate for program funding, build new facilities and fulfill our strategic goals.

Villa’s progress is owed to an extremely dedicated, forward thinking and passionate team which includes our Board of Directors, Villa staff, volunteers, and donors. Thank you for embracing the vision of a promising future for all Villa’s clients.

These past two years have been transformational. With your help, we completed Phase 1 of our capital campaign raising $10.5 million and constructing seven new classrooms, two play yards, a multipurpose room complete with a large kitchen. Students were excited to begin the 2018 school year in the new space. This campus is a testament to how much our donors value individuals with special needs. In spring of 2019, the board voted to launch the next phase and raise $11.5 million to build three additional classrooms, occupational therapy clinic, and a sports and performance center.

Villa continues to meet the growing needs of the community and offer innovative and enriching programs for every age. Because Villa understands the importance of early intervention, we have expanded our speech and occupational therapies to include services for infants through age five. Villa School now serves 89 students with 19 enrolled after the new campus opened. Villa also increased our transitional community based adult programs, offering greater volunteer opportunities, career and personal development trainings as well as transportation and person centered coaching.

Advocacy remains a pillar of Villa’s commitment to the population we serve. In 2019, advocacy efforts locally, as well as in Sacramento, helped garner a small temporary increase in funding for some adult programs. We thank all those who helped advocate for this change including Senator Henry Stern, Assemblymember Chris Holden, and Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian, for continuing to champion the needs of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Thank you for advocating for their potential.

As Board Chair, I am continuously impressed with Villa’s services. I see first-hand how Villa makes a difference in the lives of the individuals they serve each and every day. Villa enhances the capabilities of each of their clients and advocates for them to be a functioning part of the communities where they live, work and play. In turn, our community is a better place because of Villa.

It is inspiring to see all that our students and adults are capable of accomplishing. From elementary students learning to speak their first word; to young adults transitioning into the work force; to seniors who have retired and are volunteering and giving back. Everyone has something to offer. As Villa’s CEO, it has been an honor to serve Villa families and loved ones with intellectual/developmental disabilities for the last 23 years.

With your generosity, Villa gives each individual the chance to realize their full potential and to live fulfilling lives in the community. It is what every parent wants for their child. It is what every community wants for its members. Thank you.

With gratitude,
Patty Zuber
Chairman of the Board 2017-2020
Kelly White
Chief Executive Officer
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