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Capital Campaign Update

Launched in 2012, Villa’s Hope Moves Forward capital campaign has seen great momentum. Villa Esperanza Services is proud to be upgrading our campus to match the quality of services we provide. Accomplishments to date include:
“What might Villa’s children say? ‘Hello. I am Alice, I am Renard, and I am Ishmal, and I am each of you. Can you hear me? I have worth, and I can do many things. I am a part of our community. I deserve the same opportunity and facilities that you have in your home community. Sometimes I just need a little help from my friends. Thank you for being my friend!’ The Ayrshire Foundation is proud to be a part of this important project.”
—Dick Hirrel
Villa Esperanza Board Member and Campaign Co-Chair

“This project validates the worth of my child. This project says that my child and thousands like him are worth the investment.”
—Peter Vaughn
Villa Esperanza Board Member and Parent
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 Villa Esperanza Services / 2116 E. Villa Street, Pasadena, CA 91107

Tel: (626) 449-2919 / Fax: (626) 449-2850


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