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Villa participants at the West Covina Rally on May 31, 2024.

Current Advocacy Campaign
Let's Keep Up the Momentum and Tell Governor Newsom to Support an Equitable Future for Californians with Disabilities

June 2024

CA Legislature Rejects $1 Billion in Delayed Funding for Disability Services & Supports

In the newly unveiled Joint Legislative Budget Plan, California Legislature has rejected Governor Gavin Newsom's proposal to delay $1 billion in disability services funding. We now have until June 5th, to come together and express to the governor how devastating it would be to the developmentally disabled service system if there was a delay or reduction in funding. It's imperative that he embraces the Legislature's budget plan for 2024-25 so that the services who support over 400,000 Californians with disabilities can be adequately funded. Time is of the essence, and we require the full support of our community to rally and advocate for this vital funding!

Click the image above or the TAKE ACTION button below to sign the open letter to Governor Newsom, asking him to delay $1 billion for the disability community and make the investment on July 1, 2024, AS PROMISED. It can’t wait!


  • Call Governor Newsom and urge him to not delay funding for developmentally services. Remind the Governor that over 400,000 rely on services like Villa for daily support and the skills needed to thrive.
    Gov. Newsom can be reached at (916) 445-2841
  • Leave a video message to Governor Newsom describing the impact of services like Villa, and how vital it is that we receive funding to maintain our services.
    Record your short video by following this link.
  • Contact the governor through his website to state a comment under the "Budget May Revision 2024-2025" topic and urge him to provide the necessary funds for Villa and service providers all throughout California.
    Leave a comment for the governor and demand change by following this link.


Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed to delay a $1 billion investment in critical supports and services for Californians with developmental disabilities. Our community has endured underfunding for decades. It weakened the direct support workforce, making it harder for people with disabilities and their families to access reliable services. State leaders know how urgent it is to stabilize the disability services system. That’s why they planned a funding increase this year. The impact of delaying this desperately needed funding will be nothing short of a cut to services.

In fact, it is one of the LARGEST proposed delays or cuts in the Governor’s 2024-25 state budget. This is unacceptable and will be tragic to safety net services! This setback sends a message that the promise of the Lanterman Act – made to 458,000 Californians with disabilities and their families – is not a priority to the state.

Your heroic advocacy efforts in 2022 resulted in overwhelming bi-partisan support from our Senators and Assemblymembers to ensure services through regional centers are more adequately funded by July 1, 2024. Now, the Governor wants to delay that funding!


Keeping the promised funding implemented THIS YEAR would:
  1. Address an acute workforce crisis by offering competitive wages to attract and retain direct support professionals who deliver vital, hands-on services and support to people with disabilities
  2. Improve access to housing, transportation, individualized programs, and desperately needed respite services for parents, families, and most importantly, the people benefitting from support
Individuals with developmental disabilities and their families are receiving only a fraction of their authorized services or going without services altogether due to critical staffing shortages. Waitlists for housing and other programs continue to grow.

Let’s ensure the 458,000 Californians and their families are protected and not living in a state of crisis.

Together, we can put people with disabilities on a path to thrive THIS YEAR! Californians with disabilities and the professionals who serve them deserve a chance to live full and equitable lives. Taking this action NOW can ensure access to the quality services that individuals with disabilities and their families rely on and deserve.

California must commit to these investments THIS YEAR to address the workforce crisis and ensure that Californians with disabilities can THRIVE and not just survive.

General Advocacy Information

Villa has a desire to advocate for and protect those that cannot speak for themselves in the intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) community. As part of a coalition of 16 Southern California non-profits dedicated to increasing awareness and educating both local and state legislators, friends and families on the importance of continued funding, Villa works tirelessly with these and other local service providers to make our voice heard. We have been extremely active in our advocacy efforts - we contact legislators through emails, phone calls, faxes, and handwritten letters; we arrange meetings with legislators locally and in Sacramento; and we attend hearings and rallies in Sacramento. Villa's goal is to help protect services for children and adults with intellecual/developmental disabilites including autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy.

As issues which affect our community come to light, we often request specific support from our base to help us with email or letter writing campaigns.

If you would like more information on how to become an advocate in your community, please email info@villaesperanzaservices.org. To stay up to date with Villa's advocacy efforts, please join our email list and check out our Facebook page.

Villa's CEO, Kelly White, and previous Villa family member, Margaret Morris, march in a Lanterman Coalition Rally.

Find Your Legislators

If you would like to contact your legislator, you can use the following two websites to find your representatives:
Find Your California Representative (State Assembly and Senate)
Find Your Representative (U.S. House of Representatives)

Otherwise, please reference the list of current southern California legislators below which cover both areas that Villa serves - the greater Pasadena area and the San Fernando Valley area, which includes Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village.
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Integrity, Courage, Respect, Innovation, Perseverance